It’s official Starbucks now offering free AT&T Wi-Fi

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Free AT&T Wi-Fi at Starbucks

Starbucks and AT&T have officially begun offering free Wi-Fi, and just about anyone will be able to use this now free service. Beginning today, customers who get a Starbucks reloadable card, register for the Starbucks Rewards Card program and then use the card at least one time a month will get two free consecutive hours of free wireless goodness everyday. Also, as an added bonus, new card members will also receive a free drink!

Of course we all know that by Starbucks offering us free Wi-Fi, that just means we are going to sit in the store longer and that means we will most likely get more beverages, however it is nice to see that someone else is understanding that by giving something away for free does not always mean lost revenue. Well with that, I think its time to grab my Starbucks Card, (that I made sure I added some money to yesterday in anticipation) and head on over to my local shop.

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