Asus teases us with a 42-inch LCD TV

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Asus Eee TV

During Computex, Asus not only previewed its latest Eee PC line-up but some other forthcoming products as well. One of these products was a 42-inch Eee TV which Asus did not specifically highlight, yet it was seen by attendees on display near the Asustek booth. If you recall, this Eee TV was first seen sometime in January and rumored to be released in September.

Still, the lack of detailed information and specifications coming from Asus make us wonder whether Asus will market this TV as your usual LCD TV or something else more special. Not even the people manning the Asus booth were cooperative enough to leak out details about the Eee TV. And so we are left to ponder about it, albeit suspect other possible details until such time that Asus officially announces it.

Some observers found some USB ports and a LAN input on the TV, while others suspect that it would have web-browsing and email capability. Sadly, until the official announcement and release we can only admire this picture.

Via [Engadget]

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