Hulu, YouTube content coming to the Roku Netflix Player?

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While nothing has been confirmed, there is a possibility that the Roku Netflix Player could be offering content from additional providers in the future. A recent interview conducted by Hot Hardware with the VP of Consumer Products for Roku, Tim Twerdahl gave some interesting clues, but sadly did not go into specifics.

It was however confirmed that their deal with Netflix will allow them “to seek out other content providers to put their content on the Roku box.” While the previously mentioned Hulu and YouTube are just speculation, Tim Twerdahl, the VP of Consumer Products for Roku did state that they are “talking to all big web video providers right now” and they are considering a number of options.

This would be excellent news, well maybe not YouTube as much as Hulu. I have said it before, the Roku Netflix Player is a great device, but is severely limited by the lack of current content available through Netflix. Of course, assuming other content providers were added, does that mean it will then become the Roku Web Video Player?

Via [HackingNetflix]

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