Samsung officially announces the i900 Omnia

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Samsung i900 Omnia

There’s no doubt that the iPhone-mania is hitting the web big time. Apple rivals have been trying to steal some publicity hype away from the iPhone by preempting the WWDC announcements where Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone. Take the case of Samsung’s latest mobile phone, the i900. It was not that long ago that rumors about the i900 began to surface. A Chinese site even have a hands-on report with the actual unit. But Samsung, knowing that Apple’s iPhone is about to take the center stage any moment now, decided to officially announced the Samsung i900 which is now also called the Samsung i900 Omnia.

So what does this Windows Mobile 6.1-powered i900 Omnia has in store for us to make it worthy of matching up with the 2nd generation iPhone? We’re afraid to say that it actually does pack up some pretty great features that could give the iPhone, whether the older or the new 3G version, a run for their money. The i900 Omnia packs of a 5-megapixel camera, a 3.2-inch WQVGA display, an optical mouse, geotagging features and a built-in GPS receiver.

In addition, the Samsung i900 also boasts of quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support including HSDPA at 7.2mbps. Plus, Samsung even throw in an FM radio with RDS, stereo Bluetooth (A2DP), Wi-Fi and a built-in accelerometer.

Certainly you can’t find most of these features in the upcoming iPhone. But the most important feature of the i900 that makes it worthy of being compared to the iPhone is its touchscreen feature. Samsung has ported is TouchWiz technology into the i900 for a touchscreen user interface.

Didn’t we tell you that the i900 is being touted as an iPhone competitor? If you need another affirmation of this fact, then don’t be surprised when we tell you that it will be available in Europe sometime in July, almost the same time as the new iPhone will be released.

Via [GSM Arena]

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  • Spoteria

    I have been using this phone for a month. I would say if you are thinking of using a Microsoft Windows Mobile PDA phone or thinking of upgrading, the Samsung Omnia might be a good change.

    It took me a couple of days to get familiarize with the Omnia. I like the functions like Vibe Tonz, Phonepad, keyboard, digital camera.

    The advantage of the built in phonepad and keyboard helps me to minimize the usage of the stylus. I can now send text messages and typing a document without the use of stylus.