Sprint’s Samsung Instinct, priced at $199.99

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Sprint Samsung Instinct

Apple had better watch its back as it seems Sprint is really determined to battle it out. In a bid to compete with the iPhone 3G, Sprint has just announced that it will be making the Samsung Instinct available for $199.99 along with a contract and after rebates. That’s the same price that AT&T is offering the iPhone 3G to its customers.

Sprint had originally announced that the full retail price of the Instinct would be around $449.99. However, Sprint modified its Instinct package a bit by offering a $150 instant rebate under a new two-year contract. To lower the retail price further, Sprint will also be deducting a $100 mail-in rebate for the mobile phone. That sums up the rebates to around $250. Deducting it from the announced market price of the instinct would total to a $199.99 introductory price for the phone.

But unlike AT&T’s iPhone 3G offering, Sprint would still make the Instinct available for those who don’t want to get tied up with a two-year service contract with Sprint. Customers who will opt for this scheme will have to pay $449.99 and they won’t have to renew their contract with Sprint.

If you look at the scenario from a different angle, Sprint’s offer for the Instinct may seemed more practical than the iPhone. Given that the iPhone 3G is a much sought after mobile phone, still it pales in comparison with the more advanced features of the Samsung Instinct. But of course, it doesn’t carry the Apple branding which for some may be a big deal. The Samsung Instinct also comes packaged with a complete set of accessories in the box to even include a spare battery and a 2GB microSD card.

So, what’s it going to be, iPhone 3G or the Samsung Instinct?

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  • Doug Berger

    While the Instinct looks great and all — in my mind it's on a whole different playing field than the iPhone. The iPhone is a platform, not just a device. Sprint / Samsung's Instinct is JUST a device. I personally think if Samsung decided it wanted to compete with the iPhone, they would need a slick device, a music / video download store, an app store, and allow you to access all of it from the phone as well. I'll just keep dreaming that someone ACTUALLY tries to compete with the iPhone — wake me up when it happens.

  • Samsung Instinct Store

    I think it should cost $100 / $150 tops if they want to compete.

  • AllenHarkleroad

    Sprint / Samsung ought to call it iFlop or iFail.

    Sprint overcharged my small (US) company for over $50,000.00. We caught them doing it and now they refuse to refund the over-payments. You can read the full story at

    I also wrote an open letter to Dan Hesse the Chairman and CEO of Sprint Nextel. It is a good read so please consider reading the letter.

  • bob

    My decision is between the iphone and instinct, nothing else. Im due for a new phone and need to make a decision by the time the Iphone comes out.

    What Sprint should have done was totally drop the price by $100, meaning a new one with a 2 year contract would cost $100. Setting up the same price as the Iphone to me is not the way to go since they want to be in fierce competition with the Iphone.

    Aside from that Sprint plan does take you alot further than the Att one.

    Sprint offers nights starting at 7pm with there everything plan while ATT starts off at 9pm and if you want to up it to 7pm you have to pay that little extra. Messaging on the Iphone now is not included in the plan, 200 SMS start at $5.

    If anyone knows if you have to pay for GPS with the Iphone let me know, I know with Sprint you dont have to pay extra, its included in the everything plan starting at $70.00.

    ATT $40 (voice) $30 (data) $5 (200 sms) $7-$8 (7pm start for free nights) 83 + gps??? and mobile tv???

    nearly $100 included TAX on ATT

    Sprint $70+ tax. inc nights starting at 7pm, GPS, TV, MUSIC channels, Unlimited N&W;, Unlimited messaging.


  • Phil

    True, with the Sprint everything plan you get unlimited use of the GPS, however that's just marketing speak. They are actually referring to the unlimited use of their bandwith for data with regard to the GPS. If you want to use the TeleNav software that shows you the maps and gives you the directions, it is $2.99 per day or $9.99 per month. The GPS is useless without this software.
    The same also applies to Sprint Music store. They say you get unlimited use, but that's just for the bandwidth needed to transfer the songs to the device. You still have to pay per song.
    I haven't looked at Sprint TV yet, but I assume it's more of the same.
    I would still choose Sprint over AT&T;though.

  • Dave

    Dave, you need to get a life and stop bitching so much. We get your point….Sprint over charged you. That sucks, but now you're letting them waste alot of your time by writing rediculously long letters and posts. If I were one of your customers, I would be pretty upset that you are wasting so much time.

  • Ian

    I don't think the Instinct has a prayer.

    Really your review reads like a Sprint press release.

    Which device has Wifi and which doesn't? Please explain the track record of support for the Instinct OS?

    Why would anyone buy an iPod and not a sandisk?

    What about Sprints abysmal customer service numbers and tying yourself to a company that is hemorrhaging customers?

  • Doug Berger

    I've got an Instinct on the way (whenever Sprint PR gets around to sending them out) — so I'll let you all know how it goes in a review. I just can't imagine it being as slick as the iPhone + iTunes combo — but I'm willing to be proven wrong.

    Any Apple fanboys want to come in here and bash it?

  • Doug Berger

    Hey Ian -

    Arnold's article above is not intended to be a review. It is merely a news item announcing the price for the Instinct, along with a bit of opinion. Don't pick on the article… pick on the product.