Google enhances mobile search, access to iGoogle mobile

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Google Mobile Search

Google has just introduced two enhancements to its mobile service to provide users a faster mobile search experience through a fast loading mobile homepage and better iGoogle gadget management.

First, they updated their mobile homepage to make mobile access faster than before. When users visit using their mobile browser, Google will cache the homepage so that when users bookmark the homepage, they will have quicker time when loading it during their next visit. This is possible no matter where users came from, whether through the mobile browser or through Google’s mobile search plug-in.

The second enhancement has to do with the mobile version of iGoogle. Google has linked the iGoogle gadgets that appear on a user’s mobile home page to the iGoogle page on their desktops. This means that users can now rearrange the gadgets that display on the mobile iGadget from their desktop, allowing for easier iGoogle gadget management.

In addition to these two new features of Google mobile, a read “more” option was also added on any RSS gadget. This makes RSS reading easier and quicker while users are doing it through their mobile phone.

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