Opera 9.5 now available for your USB drive

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Opera 9.5 USB

We saw the official release of Opera 9.5 earlier in the week, and now Opera fans can rejoice as it has also been ported over to run on your USB drive. Dubbed Opera 9.5 USB it offers all the wonderful features that you will find on the regular desktop version, and only takes up 15MB of space on your flash drive. The USB version will also not leave any data on the computer you choose to use it with, meaning no history will be left behind showing off the odd things you may have searched for.

The only drawback that I can see, is that this USB version will run on Windows only, otherwise it should be nice to take a good browser and not get stuck using IE or without your favorite bookmarks when away from your main computer.

Download [Opera 9.5 USB] Via [Lifehacker]

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