Sony Ericsson has Wii envy with its F305 phone with motion gaming

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Sony Ericsson has officially set into motion all the details about its F305 Motion Gaming phone,. If the company has its way, soon your city streets and public places will be full of young people pretending to bowl and fish while oblivious to the strange looks from passersby.

The leaked details as seen previously here on Gadgetell are confirmed: compatibility with GSM and EDGE networks, a 2-inch TFT screen, 2-megapixel camera, stereo speakers and 10MB of in-phone memory. Motion-sensor accelerometers allow you to interact with gaming a la Nintendo Wii. Three games are pre-loaded: Bowling, Bass Tournament and Jockey, but 50 more are available via download at the PlayNow service. It hits the streets in certain markets in late summer/early fall; no pricing yet.

Some commenters on tech blogs are making the obvious Wii-mote related jokes about the need for wrist straps so F305’s don’t become accidental projectiles when you’re trying to nail that 7-10 split. Others, however, share my view that being unable to see the phone’s screen while (ahem) going through the motions may make for difficult gameplay. Developers could view this as a challenge; what about shaking the phone? A driving game like the one for the new 3G iPhone, where the handset is the steering wheel?

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