Dell to charge $50 for XP downgrade on new Vostro models

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Dell Windows Vista Bonus
We all know that Microsoft has already set a June 30 end-of-availability on the Windows XP. This means that after that day, Microsoft will no longer market the OS and PC manufacturers are advised to stop offering it as a bundled OS in their machines. But Dell wants to get ahead of the Microsoft deadline and announced that it will stop pre-installing their PCs with Windows XP. Dell’s Vostro PCs will now come pre-installed with either Microsoft Vista Business or Ultimate editions.

To answer the needs of their customers who still want the XP pre-installed in their machines instead of the Vista, Dell is offering downgrade option from Vista to XP. But it doesn’t come without a price though. Users who want this arrangement will have to pay $50 to have the Vista OS downgraded into XP when they buy new Dell Vostros. In other words, customers will have to pay $50 more for the Vista OS than when they would let it be the only OS installed in their new Dell machines.

Dell knows that this deal might seem short-changing to customers, so it is offering another deal by allowing the Vista to stay in the customers machines so that they can upgrade their machines’s OS to Vista anytime they want to. It goes without saying then that Dell will be selling their Vostro PCs with two operating systems.

So, if you don’t mind paying extra to have an additional stand-by OS in your Dell computers, you might as well take this deal. But if you are ready to take up on the Windows Vista, you’ll be better off without partaking of this Dell arrangement. It goes without saying that you’ll get to save $50 from this.

Via [Computerworld] Via [Dell]

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