Intel’s Classmate PC getting a little Sugar?

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It looks like the Sugar user interface, which known as the current operating system that powers the OLPC XO Laptop could soon be heading over to the Classmate PC from Intel.

During a recent interview with PC World, Walter Bender has confirmed that “a community volunteer is working with Intel on Sugar for the Classmate PC. Sugar Labs helped to expedite the relationship.”

Mr. Bender also went on to state that while he considers the XO Laptop their “primary” project, they are currently in talks with four other “low-cost laptop makers” one of which is Asus. Could that mean we may be seeing a Sugar powered Eee PC coming in the future? While it seems Sugar Labs is expanding their market they have also confirmed that they are still working on future versions of the UI with the XO in mind.

With Sugar having such a simple kid friendly interface, this could be a good addition for many of these low-cost netbooks that are currently swamping the market. Of course, I am not entirely convinced that kids really need a simple interface to be able to use a computer. I have a (just turned) six-year old daughter who uses a Mac and Eee PC, and thinks the Eee PC desktop is “strange.”

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