Sony now including free charging cradle with a mylo com2 purchase

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Free Charging Cradle with Sony mylo com2 Purchase

Sony has recently begun shipping the mylo com2 with a free charging cradle. While its certainly not a must have item, and I am not sure it would push me over the edge and make me run out to purchase a mylo, its always a nice deal when you are getting a $29.99 item for free.

A dock or charging cradle is one accessory that I consider a must have for most gadgets. It looks much nicer sitting on the desk, it helps to keep your device from getting bumped and knocked to the floor and is much easier to stick your device in the dock or cradle as opposed to fiddling with a loose wire.

Sony has not made any mention of whether this is a permanent or just a limited time offer, but if you were already considering a mylo purchase, this sounds like as good a time as ever to make that purchase.

Product [Sony Style] Via [pocketables]

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