A funky new way to recharge your phone from Orange

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The Orange Dancing Charger

Everyone loves a music festival: the mud, the cold, the inevitable rain, the ludicrously priced drinks and of course the music. However going to live in a field for a weekend does mean you have to survive without mains for a couple of days, so portable gadget recharges are becoming increasingly popular. This leads nicely onto the ‘Dance Charge’ prototype that has recently been released by Orange, which essentially converts the kinetic energy from your dancing into juice for your phone.

Using a system of weights and magnets you can convert ‘The Monkey’, ‘The Robot’ and ‘The Worm’ into electricity which can recharge your phone, and this is all contained in a strap that goes on your arm and closely resembles those worn by joggers for their MP3 players, which looks fairly discreet and not a bit ‘uncool’. However for those who don’t feel confident either dancing or wearing what looks like a doormat, Orange has also lined-up the Dance Charging Man which we can only guess is a small (and probably interactive) man which will dance an do the work for you.

So far Orange has only made a few prototypes (which will be scattered around Glastonbury) so we do not know how popular it will be, but it does show some promise.

Via [Register Hardware]

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