T-Mobile intro’s their @Home $10 per-month unlimited VOIP calling plan

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T-Mobile @Home Linksys Router

T-Mobile has just announced the availability of their unlimited home VOIP calling service. Previously known and first introduced back in February as the HotSpot @Home Talk Forever plan is now more simply know as the T-Mobile @Home plan.

The new plan offers users unlimited VOIP calling for just $10 per month and will be available beginning July 2 for current T-Mobile wireless customers. Non T-Mobile wireless customers can also sign up, however the service will be $49.99 per month on a 2-year agreement.

Customers will be required to use a special T-Mobile branded Linksys router that will require at least one SIM card, but has two SIM slots available, it does require a one-time $50 fee. As for the phone, you will be able to use just about any that you choose. Whether a new or existing customer, you will be assigned a new ‘home’ phone number and you also have the option to port an existing number, which would come in handy for those using this to ditch their current, more expensive home service.

Overall, this seems like a good option for those looking to ditch their traditional land line. At least for current T-Mobile customers it seems that it cannot be any more affordable, of course if you already have an unlimited mobile calling plan or simply have more minutes than you currently use you may be better off going with your cell only as the VOIP calling may not really be needed.

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