Gadgetell Quick Review: Kensington Slimblade Presenter Media Mouse

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Kensington Slimblade Presenter Media Mouse Powerpoint Mouse

The first time my dad used a mouse, he held it like a remote control, waving it futilely at the screen. The folks at Kensington may have witnessed this, for they’ve created the Slimblade Presenter Media Mouse, a mouse that actually can be used as a remote—to control PowerPoint presentations and iTunes playlists.

A navigation pad on the flip side of the mouse allows the user to click through slides while pointing out important details with a laser pointer. For leisure time, a switch puts the remote in media mode, allowing it to operate basic functions in iTunes: play/pause, next/previous track and volume. The shape of the navigation pad resembles the scroll wheel of an iPod, but unfortunately it lacks that degree of functionality.

The mouse set up was easy. Plug in the USB dongle and you’re ready to go. And the range was as advertised. The remote worked 30 feet away, even through a wall. Whether you use that to impress your colleagues or startle your roommate, that’s up to you.

The device features:

  • Up to 30ft. range
  • Up to 6 mo. battery life
  • 360 degree scroll ball
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista, Mac OSX 10.4

Package Contents:

  • 2.4 GHz wireless laser mouse
  • USB Receiver (stores inside battery compartment)
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • User’s manual
  • Driver CD (Mac users must download the driver from the Kensington web site)

Get it now for $79.99 at Kensington.

This review written by Adam Hunter who can be found ranting and raving about all sorts of subjects at

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  • focker

    why don't buy a real laser pointer?
    green laser pointer store

  • joyce

  • xHumanHealth

    Very nice, thanks…

  • orhan

    can it be also used as a trackball mouse? i've seen it on one particular kensington mouse, but i think it wasn't this one. you know what i mean: for example while travelling in a train, barely having place to put the notebook on, to be able to use the mouse placing it on the lower, right corner of the notebook and moving the pointer with the trackbal instead of moving the mouse.

    yeah i know: why not use the touchpad of the notebook in this particular case? -> i don't know… "because we can!?" 😀

  • Scott

    I will definitely try, thanks a million.