Watch out Intel, the Snapdragon is here and it’s biting

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We’ve all seen it happen time and time again. What was hot and happening even six months ago, is suddenly a dinosaur. It’s the nature of the ever-evolving technology game. Which is why industry giant Intel may just be well served by sitting up and taking note that the maker of cell-phone chips Qualcomm, just may be a major force to be reckoned with these days.

With a latest innovation, the Snapdragon, Qualcomm packs a rather mighty punch in a tiny package. An engineer for the company demonstrated a palm-sized circuit board capable of displaying high-definition video. While a fairly high quality video image is nothing new to write home about, what did make it pretty special was it’s microprocessor chip, the Snapdragon. This micro-chip drives the display with less than half the power of a similar chip recently introduced by Intel. Qualcomm designers further sweeten the deal by saying that it will also cost less.

The reason this power issue is so important? As the PC continues to get smaller and smaller, it is on a collision course with the multifunction cellphone. Many feel that this impact will bring about just what you would expect when two things crash together….major changes to both involved. It can be seen how important power is when you look for example at the new smartphones. These always-on portable Internet devices changed the rules of the computer game as we previously knew them. Once, it was solely speed that mattered… but now, with these phones dependent on a small battery, efficiency in chip power usage becomes a major factor. And it looks like Qualcomm was paying attention to the coming collision, and powered up for it.

Via [NYTimes]

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