Eee Monitor gets detailed; it now looks more like the iMac

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Asus Eee Monitor

The Asus Eee Monitor which we told you about not so long ago is short of getting official with the leaked official photos more than confirming that it might indeed be the poor man’s iMac. From what we can deduced from the photos, the Eee monitor looks to be a hybrid of Apple’s Cinema Displays and an aluminum colored iMac. But unlike those two machines, the Eee Monitor sports 6 USB ports mounted on its side plus a card reader and Denon-made stereo speaker system on its front.

Additionally, the Eee Monitor would also have dual Ethernet jacks and both audio inputs and outputs, a built-in webcam, an integrated TV tuner and it should come in either 19- or 20-inch widescreen LCD models.

Other details that we know of this monitor are its 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and Linux OS. Estimated retail price of this monitor is predicted to be at around $500. Like we told you before, the Eee monitor will most likely ship sometime in September which is also the estimated release date of another Asus product, the Eee PC 904.

Via [Electronista] Via [Laptop Mag]

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