OpenTable Restaurant Resevation System Goes Mobile

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Restaurant mobile shot

I don’t really eat out often, but I know business people who eat out constantly. Of course, some of these restaurants require a reservation, and making the reservation over the phone can be pretty time-consuming, not to mention frustrating.

OpenTable has simplified this process by creating a real-time online reservation system for diners, as well as reservation and guest management solutions for restaurants.

The company has recently launched a Beta version of the OpenTable Mobile, which allows for consumers to find real-time availability and book restaurant reservations with mobile devices.

All a user needs to do is take out their mobile device, select a restaurant, the date, the time, and it will even tell you when the closest available reservation is available. Now it is easier to create a reservation than ever before.

The 70 million diners have used the reservations for Open Table, and 8,500 restaurants have replaced their traditional pen-and-paper reservation books with the OpenTable System.

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  • Christian

    We've been kicking around implementing this type of technology for our restaurant as well. We are a little more aggressive in the utilization of online promotion to drive patrons into the restaurant than most, and the style of system you mention in your post would fit well into our promotional model. Thanks for sharing.