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Texting report

Recently, we reported on how the OpenTable Beta version has made it possible to set up a reservation at your nearest restaurant, however it would appear that restaurant reservations aren’t the only thing that have been updated for mobile technology.

Police departments in Boston, Cincinnati, and 100 other communities have adopted a text message tip-line. So if someone sees a crime being committed, all it would take is a dropped line to alert the authorities.

So far, this new department system has produced “great drug information, specific times, dates, names of suspects, locations, pick-up times, and license plate numbers”.

Boston Police Crime Stoppers commander Michael Charbonnier has been quoted saying “it’s obvious that the future of communication is texting.” I think this man has a point, but I believe that texting is already in our present. After all, some of these teenagers can text-type with one hand faster than I can type with two.

In other words, I think it is high time that a system like this for text-messaging was established for law enforcement. I mean, all it would take some anonymous text tip such as “drugs n car, lic plate 456 AUJ” to bring someone to justice.

Unfortunately, the cops on the other end might not be able to read text-speech that many of these teens are using these days.

Via [Engadget]

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