Sharp flaunts 26-inch solar-powered LCD TV prototype

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Sharp solar-powered 26-inch LCD TV

Sharp is harnessing the power of the sun to create an energy-efficient and environment-friendly LCD TV. In the forthcoming G8 Summit, the Japanese TV manufacturer will show off a prototype of its 26-inch LCD TV using solar panel as its main source of energy.

Sharp claims this new technology reduces annual energy consumption by about 75% compared to the existing 26-inch LCD TVs available in the market today. Moreover, the new triple-junction thin-film solar module technology is free of toxic materials. Not to mention that using solar panel reduces fossil fuel consumption.

While the company’s main objective is to provide TV to approximately 6 billion people on earth with scarce or no electricity, this prototype is also relevant to all of us in the face of mounting increase in gas prices and our fondness for supporting “green” products.

No word yet on the availability or pricing of this solar-powered LCD TV. I’m hoping this socially responsible product will be affordable to the developing countries considering its objective.

Via [CrunchGear]

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    Today Sharp unveiled a prototype of a 26-inch LCD Aquos TV [JP], which is solely powered by solar energy. The company said one day, their solution might bring television to all the 1.6 billion people on earth who don’t have access to electricity.Sharp’s new green TV uses half of the power existing LCDs need. In comparison to the power consumption of the 28C-PB500 [JP], a CRT TV Sharp introduced in 2002, the prototype looks even more interesting since it boasts just 25% of that old model’s annual power consumption.<a href="build" rel="nofollow">">build your own solar panels