Gmail adds new features; Offers account access information, remote log off

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Gmail adds new features Offers account access information, remote log off

More and more people are becoming dependent on email, and are using it for more and more sensitive and personal information such as banking. With Gmail being a web based application, its easy to sign in using what ever computer you may have access to at the moment. That could be as simple as your desktop at work, or as sinister as a public terminal. I am sure you have gotten up and left, only to wonder if you logged out or not.

Well just in case, Gmail has taken the worry out of that situation and added some new features.

They now include the ability to check to see where you may be currently logged in aside from the current terminal. Located on the bottom of your Gmail interface you will now see a new addition that will alert you to how many other locations that particular account is open at. It also gives you the IP address and a “Details” link that will offer more information.

Assuming you click on that “Details” link you will be given a more in depth look at how many concurrent sessions are open, recent activity to include the IP address as well as date/time and even the ability to “sign out all other sessions.” Looks like Gmail is at least making an effort to better help us not share our email account access with everyone around.

As expected with Gmail feature updates, this is being rolled out, so if its not available for you just yet, you can expect it to come shortly.

Gmail adds new features Offers account access information, remote log off

Via [jkOnTheRun]

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