BlackBerry Thunder still under major development

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The eagerly anticipated BlackBerry Thunder seems to need a little more time, according to a tipster from within RIM, the Thunder is not even close to hitting the market.

“Thunder is in no way shape or form market-ready. If Bold was any indication, Thunder won’t be ready for at least another 4-5 months.”

It looks like there are a bunch of issues with some important and key features. Just to begin with it looks like the keyboard is horrible to actually use and the accelerometer works, but has a tendency to go “bonkers” when the device is moved in certain ways. In addition the UI is apparently slow and lags with the haptic feedback also showing some problems.

Just to give you an idea of just how bad the Thunder is in its current state, the tipster went on to mention that “most of the people who have handled it thinks it’s a joke.”

Well, at least in its current state the Thunder is not going to steal any thunder from Apple, AT&T and the iPhone 3G. Lets just hope they get the issues worked out and in the hands of those waiting Verizon customers soon.

Via [BGR]

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