Apple lets flood gates open: more iPhone App developers accepted

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App Store iconGadgetell exclusive: last night I was contacted by a couple of developers, each shut out of the beta program. Both, I might add, have fantastic application ideas but Apple hadn’t even looked at thier app until yesterday. Or so it seemed.

Both developers got notification they were accepted into the program. Word is a couple of weeks and wham, bam, boom – they are in the App Store.

As I’ve said before, I found the launch of the App Store a little underwhelming but do believe it will snowball into some amazing Apps for us to enjoy. How about you, got an app you can’t live without now?

I also got to thinking this morning, Apple just created a way for them to add productivity to current applications while getting us to pay for them. Things like a video camera, MMS, copy and paste. Things that we all think should just be in there, Apple can now collect revenue for. Nice. Well, for them anyway.

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