Palm makes Treo 800w official

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Treo 800wAt long last, Palm announces their “most business-friendly” phone yet. The 800w is destined for Sprint and packs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1. It is packed with goodies, like EV-DO rev A, WiFi and GPS. Hoohah!

Palm and Sprint suggest it surfs the web and downloads emails at broadband speeds. It features an innovative one button on WiFi and a 320×320 display. While not on the thin side at 0.73″ (iPhone 3G is 0.48″ for reference), the phone does look nice, better than Palm phones have in years, IMO.

Battery life checks in at 4.5 hours talk and 200 standby. 2.0 mp camera also does video, bluetooth and up to 8GB microSD cards are supported. A fine business phone.

It does look like Palm spent some time making tweaks in the GUI to make it easy. Things like accessing Navigation from the Today screen as well as dialing from the Today screen shows they are learning.

Available today at $249.99 after rebates, discounts, voodoo and you may or may not have to sacrifice a chicken.

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