Keruve offers GPS device to help track your loved ones

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Keruve GPS

This new GPS by the Spanish company, Keruve, is a pretty cool one because it basically displays where certain people are located. Basically, you can find out the location of those wearing the special bracelet that it comes with.

The bracelet itself is waterproof and is designed to stay on your wrist, unless you decide to take it off, and that requires the use of a special tool. This is good for those who have Alzheimer’s and your family is trying to look after you, using this bracelet, you can always know where that person is. An alarm even goes off when the battery is low, and the battery life is really good, about three and a half days.

The bracelet transmits the location using the GSM1800 and GSM900 networks to the handheld GPS device. Another cool feature is that the GPS uses something called triangulation which basically allows the GPS to still locate you even if the person is indoors where there aren’t any GPS signals available.

As of now, it is only available in Europe. Even though it is a really good and useful GPS, it will still set you back a pretty penny, as it costs 850 Euros, or a little over $1,350 US.

Via [NaviGadget]

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  • Lynn

    Is this device available in the US?