Gadgetell review: Tooth Tunes. God, I wish I were kidding

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tooth tunes

Product: Tooth Tunes toothbrush
Price and Availability: $9.99
Rating: 9/10
Pros: Sound was bizarrely fun. Both my focus group (ages 5 and 10) and myself enjoyed our brushing time more.
Cons: A little freaky
Overall: you get the song stuck in your head.

Yes this is a real high in my blogging career, the review of the coveted Tooth Tunes. Even better, I am giving a big thumbs up rating. I loved the darn thing.

Thrown in a bag you get for going to a press event I never thought I’d review this gadget. I mean, what is new about a music playing tooth brush or even better, what is interesting about it? The answer is tech. Tooth tunes streams music from the bristles though the teeth so you hear the music in your head. An immediate red flag went up as the music I heard sounded like was in a cave (making my head empty for the not fast witted among us).

So a bit of bone conductivity employed to hear music in your head and it works. The sound becomes loud and clear when the bristles connected with my teeth. My focus group thought it was hysterical and I may have giggled tooth paste out of my mouth as my head became a speaker. The tech is as part of the novelty as the music, in fact it is patented as Denta Mandibular Sound Transduction. Serious stuff.

The tooth brushes also come with some positive reinforcement that was kinda lame for me, but good for the focus group. “Great job” the tooth brush told me as I brushed along wonder how they knew that I was, in fact, doing a pretty great job.

The best part of this review was seeing the variety of songs you can get on these brushes. I expected to find only pre-teen music (which is there in droves) but not classics like the theme from Rocky. From MC Hammer’s “U can’t touch this” to a reworked Devo’s “crack that whip” to Queen, KISS, even Neil Sedaka! Surely Hasbro is just messing with us?

Anything that can get me and my focus group brushing and having actual fun while doing it, how could I pass up reviewing that?

Product Page: [Hasbro]

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