Dell to offer multi-touch screen upgrade ton Latitude XT tablet PCs

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Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

Dell has just announced that it will start offering a free software update for Latitude XT owners that will bring them multi-touch capabilities on their XT machines. By upgrading their XT’s firmware users will be able to maximize the full real estate of their XT’s screen.

Once the XT’s firmware is upgraded, users can start using their XT’s screen to scroll through web browsers and productivity application as well as zoom in and out various contents just by placing two fingers on the screen and moving them together horizontally or vertically. Users can also program a double-tap gesture on the screen to to launch an application or to turn the machine off. This feature is somewhat similar to the multi-touch capability of the MacBook Air’s touchpad..

The firmware upgrade is available at If you want to find out how this multi-touch capability works, keep on reading to watch the video demo.

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