Das Keyboard is good, yes?

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Das Keyboards

Recently, a company known as Das Keyboard, who made a name for themselves back in 2005 for introducing completely blank keyboards, introduced two new keyboard models.

The first is the Professional model, which include some terrific gold-plated mechanical key switches. They have also added some new blue LEDs that are “Darth Vader approved.” I took that from the Das Keyboard website, honest.

The Ultimate is, of course, the ultimate. All the keys have that Das Keyboard blank look. That is, all the keys are unlabeled. The company says that it is “easy” for a typist to get used to these blank things.

The Professional and Ultimate both have a USB hub. Speaking of USB, there is an extra long USB cable that will insure proper connection to your computer. I’m not certain if anyone cares about this, but the Das Keyboard has an n-key rollover function which will allow simultaneous pressing of up to 12 keys.

I don’t know if the blank keyboard look is going to catch on, but I don’t see why not. I mean, we all know our keyboard keys by heart, right?

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  • techdude

    I don't think this would be useful in any manner, unless you were trying to learn how to type without staring at the keyboard..