SanDisk unveils the WORM “write-once” SD card

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San Disk WORM Write Once Read Many SD Card

SanDisk first began letting some details slip late last year about the possibility of bringing a write-once memory card to market. Well even though most of us have long since forgotten this concept, it seems SanDisk has been hard at work getting them ready.

They have officially announced the WORM (Write Once Read Many) SD card, which is being aimed at the professional market with suggested uses such as “police investigations, court testimony, electronic voting and other applications where data files must be protected from alteration or deletion.”

The new WORM SD cards offer a 100-year lifespan and are locked as soon as the card it written to with, according to SanDisk “no physical way to alter or delete individual recorded files,” although I would imagine there are lots of people who will take that as a personal challenge.

Currently SanDisk has a 128MB model that is available, and are planning to release larger storage options in the future. We can only imagine that these are not the cheapest option around because the pricing is simply listed as ‘available on request,” which usually means its expensive.

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