Rumor: Amazon to release the Kindle 2.0 in time for the holiday season

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Recent speculation is calling for Amazon to have an updated Kindle available this fall. According to CrunchGear, an “insider” is calling for not one, but two new models of the popular e-book reader.

The first sounds like it will be an improvement over the current model and is calling for the same size display with an overall smaller form factor. It will also have an improved interface and be available in several color options.

The second model, which is expected to not come until sometime next year, will be a little different from the current form factor. This is going to be larger, more of the size of a standard size piece of paper, in the ballpark of 8.5-inches by 11-inches. This model will also be available in multiple colors.

If this does turn out to be accurate, lets just hope that the Kindle 2.0 will remain in stock. No word yet on any pricing, however the current Kindle retails for $359.

Via [CrunchGear]

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  • alex

    how do i log in 2 dis

  • Electronic Gadgets

    I hope these rumors are true. E-ink and E-paper are the best ways to save the "reading" and book industry. I hate the fact that online news is going more and more to a video format. It takes much longer to get much less information via video.