Amazon launches its Video on Demand service for a lucky few beta users

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Amazon is set to launch a new service called Amazon Video on Demand which will enable users to watch any of the 40,000 movies and television programs right after they order them through their PC or Macs’ web browsers. Similar to cable video-on-demand services, the videos ordered by users will start streaming immediately after users placed their orders.

In addition to the computer support, Amazon has also reached a deal with Sony Electronics that would put Amazon’s Internet video store on Sony Bravia high definition TVs. Users who will opt to use the Video On Demand on their Bravia units would initially need the Sony Bravia Internet Video Link which costs $300. This would give them access to the Amazon Video on Demand content from their Bravia’s menu. Sony has also promised to embed this link in the Bravia’s menu screen sometime soon.

The new Amazon Video On Demand service will be initially available to selected US customers before it goes public later this summer. To answer the issue of storage, Amazon will also offer a service called “Your Video Library” which will store each customers downloads, and users can watch the movie or show whenever they go back to the Amazon Video On Demand store.

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  • Amuseline

    Seems like every large internet company heads toward launching it's own video service. Still, i think it will work good both for amazon & it's users.