Nokia N810 gets price cut, now just $299

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CompUSA drops Nokia N810 price to 299

While the price drop does not seem to be available at every online retailer, at least one, namely CompUSA has dropped the price of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet down to just $299.99. Currently listed as in stock and available the discounted price comes after an instant savings of $100.

No word on how long this price will last for, so if you were considering an N810 purchase, this may be a good time to part with the cash. A quick check of a few other online retailers still reflect the standard pricing. NewEgg has it listed for the expected $399.99, while Best Buy is still trying to get $479.99.

Now you can purchase the N810 for little less and be able to play around with Android a bit, sounds like a win-win.

Product [CompUSA]

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  • Ponting

    Just great, so now the new N series Nokia N810 which provides you a truly portable Internet experience that’s actually useful due to its large 4.13, color wide-screen display and touch-pad screen navigation will be available at less price i.e $299.