Panasonic puts the Surface up against the wall

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Panasonic Digital Wall

Panasonic made quite a splash at CES last January when it introduced the largest flat screen display at 150-inches. It appears that Panasonic is thinking big screen once again, and has added the power of touch.

Introducing the Digital Wall, a touch screen display that is so large that it covers the entire wall by design. Windows on the Digital Wall are accessed on the giant touchscreen with your fingers. It works like a Surface, but is not confined to a coffee table.

Panasonic is in development with this product, but the latest word is that the Digital Wall could be cheaper than the Surface. I wish I had more details on that.

I don’t know about you, but I want the Digtital Wall on every wall in every room of my house. Can you imagine? No more sorting through wallpaper patterns and imagining what the pattern would look like. If you don’t like the pattern, change it! As for pictures on the wall, a giant portrait can go from cell phone to your wall in just minutes.

The possibilities are pretty limitless. Yes sir, the future is starting to look like a less darker place with technology like this.

Via [Gizmodo]

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