T-Mobile limited edition Tony Hawk branded Sidekick LX now available for everyone

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Tony Hawk branded Sidekick LX now available for everyone

T-Mobile has always had an interesting approach to releasing new models of the Sidekick. They announce the device and then initially offer it for a limited time only to current customers who are looking to upgrade.

It looks like this pattern was not any different with their latest release of the Tony Hawk branded Sidekick LX. The device was originally available to those lucky customers a few weeks back, and has since just been made available for everyone.

Anyone looking to score the limited edition model will have to be willing to part with $299.99 along with a two-year agreement or $449.99 contract free.

Sure it looks really cool, and I am sure there is a good market for it, but do we really need a Sidekick that looks like a skateboard. The look is complete with the grip tape like texture and eight screws on the bottom.

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