Cowon’s P5 touchscreen media player teases us with haptic UI

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Cowon P5 media player

Cowon has announced its latest touchscreen media player, the P5. Featuring a large 5-inch, 800×480 touchscreen display, the P5 boasts of haptic feedback mechanism which simulates a physical button through vibrations. The P5 runs on a fast 700MHz processor and can decode full DVD-resolution video in offline formats including AVI, DivX, MPEG-1/4, WMV and XviD. In addition, it also supports over-the-air TV with a built-in DMB tuner.

Other features of the Cowon P5 player include Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, supports APE, FLAC, OGG, MP3 and WMA audio formats, FM radio, optional internet access through a USB-based Wi-Fi adapter and it gives out 14 full hours of music playing and 9 hours of video watching despite having a large display screen. The P5 comes with either 40GB, 60GB or 80GB’s of hard drive storage.

Slated for release on July 29 in the Korean market, the P5 will be available in a black, red or silver aluminum design. Unfortunately, no word yet on whether it will get an international release.

Via [electronista]

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