Asus continues to roll-out the Eee branded accessories

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Asus Eee PC branded accessory line up

Asus has just announced plans to roll out an Eee branded external hard drive (Eee Drive), an external optical drive (Eee Writer) and the T500 3G connection card.

While these latest accessories are actually useful, its hard not to think that they are just taking this whole Eee branding a little far.

The Eee PC was something special when it first hit the market, now with what seems to be an endless introduction of new models it seems to have gone overboard.

Currently there are more Eee PC notebooks than I would like to think of, not to mention the Eee Box, and the previously announced accessory lineup.

Of course, in typical Asus fashion we have yet to see an announcement on this latest lineup, however judging from the pictures (right and below) they seem official. The details are still light, so its still a mystery of just how much storage that external drive will offer, or what kind of formats will be compatible with the writer. One thing we can tell from the images is that the 3G connection card is a USB model.

Let’s just hope that these accessories are as fairly priced as the Eee PC itself.

Asus Eee PC branded accessory line up Eee Drive

Asus Eee PC branded accessory line up Eee Writer

Asus Eee PC branded accessory line up T500 3G connection card

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