BlackBerry Bold gets delayed again on AT&T, Rogers

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Things are not looking up for the highly-anticipated BlackBerry Bold. With further delays now expected from AT&T, it is also seeing a slight delay with Rogers in Canada.

The BlackBerry Bold will still be available for Canadian customers long before it hits here in the US, however it was supposed to have been officially available yesterday, July 25 and that of course did not happen. Rogers has pushed that launch back to July 29.

Luckily its just being delayed a week, and not nearly as bad as what we are seeing here in the US.

AT&T, which was originally expecting to have the Bold available in July, has since pushed that back to mid-August and now it looks like it will be delayed even longer with a possible launch coming on September 1. Of course that date is dependent on whether or not AT&T will be able to properly train their staff on the phone.

Via [BlackBerry News]

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  • Billy

    I just called the blackberry rep at rogers and he said that the expected release date is actually somewhere end of August to September. I'm not sure whether this is true or not BUT it better come out soon!

    I also asked him about the estimated price for the unit itself and he also told me he has no idea. Useless reps.