Chinavision intro’s solar powered battery charger for mobile phones, laptops

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Laptop and Mobile Phone go Solar for Charger Battery

Mobile phones and laptops will no longer have to run empty while people are on the go and outside of the house. These modern gadgets can now tap solar energy through the use of a 20000 ma/H solar battery and charger for recharging anywhere. The battery charger can be plugged in the car, or in any ordinary wall plug to quickly recharge its power to be used as a backup battery for your device, and it can also fully tap the suns power by using the built-in solar panels to power your device.

This solar powered battery charger can work for products requiring 5 volts like iPods, and mobile phones, and can also be applied to 16V to 24V laptops. The battery charger comes with a variety of adapters for various devices.

The usage is simple. Once the product’s indicated current is selected, plug in the correct adapter, and it will start charging. This gadget comes handy and convenient for people who are always on the go, or in remote areas. The solar-powered battery charger has a one year warranty from Chinavision.

Via [7Gadgets]

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  • byte monster

    Sounds like a great gadget. What I'd really like to know is how effective the solar panels are. For instance if you had a laptop outside on a sunny day, would the solar panel generate enough power to run the laptop?

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  • Alex Bony

    wow, it's seeming like a wonderful creation. I think the solar panels would be much more powerful than the usual seen batteries. However, i am afraid the cost of solar panels is too high, can common people accept it?

    Alex Bony <a href="laser" rel="nofollow">">laser pointer lover