Sylvania enters the netbook market with the MESO

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Sylvania MESO netbook

Sylvania, best know for their TV’s that are sold mainly at Wal-Mart has decided to enter into the already overcrowded netbook market. Sadly the MESO seems to be just another netbook, and overall nothing really special.

The MESO will feature an 8.9-inch display, 1.6GHZ Intel Atom processor, 80GB hard drive and a built-in card reader and webcam. The Sylvania will be running either Windows XP Home or Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Again similar to other netbooks, the MESO will be available in a variety of colors which include onyx, snow, solar and blossom, which are better known as black, white, yellow and pink.

Although it has not officially been announced, the MESO is expected to be available through Wal-Mart and retail for $299 and up.

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