Here comes 1080p broadcasts

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DISH Network will be first to bring you* 1080p resolution HD content through broadcast means. Say goodbye to the 720 garbage you’ve been forced to watch and bask in the 1080p you should have had all along. Available tomorrow is “I am Legend” video on demand will be in full 1080p.

The asterisk after “you” above means you may not actually be “you”. According to Electronista:

The upgrade in resolution isn’t available for all subscribers but will be a no-charge addition for anyone who owns an HD DVR capable of playing MPEG-4 video. A software upgrade will be pushed out at the same time as the 1080p service that enables playing the video format, though no mention is made of supporting the HD resolution for recording regular TV shows.

No word on how smooth the image will be or if it’s compression means we’ll be seeing chopped action. Either way, it is a step in the right direction.

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