There is a Plica in your future

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Plica Concept Phone

The Plica is an interesting concept phone that proves that two touchscreens are better than one. If you haven’t heard of the Plica before, you will, I guarantee it.

So what is a Plica? Technically speaking, a Plica is a zoological term for the folding of a body part. Technologically speaking, the Plica is a conceptual device that has two touchscreens that can fold together like a wallet. This aptly-named device is simple enough to change the cellular phone market forever.

These two touchscreens can work together, which can make the Plica go from phone to mini-computer. Since both screens can work in tandem, this gives the user the opportunity to really surf the net without the narrowed view of the tiny screen on most smartphones. One of the touchscreens can be altered to a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard that looks like it can be used with both hands. It can also do the one screen QWERTY like the iPhone. There is even a camera lens on the other side for some pictures.

The Plica is still in concept phase right now, but someone had better hurry up and make this into reality. This thing could easily give the iPhone a run for its money. I would even go so far to call it a double-i Phone. In other words, I want one of these, and I can’t wait to use it.

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  • JG Mason

    Nice post Mark! I think we'll see this concept become mainstream in just a few short years. Cool stuff.

  • Ian Kemmish

    I came up with that particular concept at a drunken Ardent (remember them? "Personal supercomputers") product l(a)unch in London in early 1988. I even have witnesses, if they're still alive.

    Which proves that concepts alone are utterly worthless – even if I'd patented it then, the patent would have expired by now.

    And I'll give you another concept for free – if you have a touch screen, the most logical, most efficient, text input technique is not to have a bunch of illusory, impossible-to-push buttons, but a virtual Ouija board.

  • GHynson

    Good luck on getting this to market,…
    With all the IP patent trolls lurking about.