LG to release Netflix streaming Blu-Ray player

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LG BD3000

LG Electronics is making good on it’s promise to bring Netflix streaming to your TV. LG’s new Blu-Ray player, the LG BD3000, that will release this fall will have the service integrated automatically. Those with Netflix accounts can stream videos from their queue as well as browse the full library of titles without having to go to a computer.

The player will of course also play Blu-Ray discs, and DVDs, up-converting the DVDs to 1080p if your TV can handle it. This may edge out the PlayStation 3 as the Blu-Ray player to get if you don’t like playing video games. Netflix streaming movies aren’t quite HD quality as of right now, most are actually around or just about DVD quality, so Blu-Ray discs will be more desirable for movies you’ll want to watch over and over again, but it’s a great for an On Demand type of service, with more the 12,000 titles available when the machine launches.

You also can’t forget that the play will run “well under $500,” according to LG Electronics.

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  • Dave Grover

    Great article. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix and similar media stations on your LG Bluray by using UnoTelly or similar tools.