Congress wants cell phones banned on flights

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Cell Phone (AP Photo)

Ever had to sit next to that annoying guy that’s on his phone while on a plane before and after takeoff? Yeah, that could’ve been me telling those who were to pick me up I was leaving and getting in. But Congress wants to stop that entirely. The House of Representatives recently discussed the possibility of a permanent ban on cell phones while on board of a plane.

According to the AP story, members of the House traded horror stories of people talking on cell phones while they were on a plane, including people describing their sex lives and a “dear John” call that ended in begging and pleading. Apparently all you have to do to have something banned is annoy members of Congress with it enough.

The story also contains a mention that airlines want to be able to charge people to sit in a non-cell phone area of the plane if they were able to allow cell phones on the plane. Which might be nice considering the European Union is considering allowing in-flight cell phone calls. It’s a nice idea until you have to sit next to the business person who has to keep their phone on during the flight “just in case” and ends up arguing on it the entire flight, then those non-cell phone areas might be nice.

Of course, as Rep. John Mica noted, Congress is trying to “legislate courtesy.” Maybe our iPods are next to die on flights?

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  • Honey

    Another case of the government thinking they can control everything we do!
    If I was sitting next to a loud mouth…I'd just politely ask them to speak a little lower. Being nice can get you a long way.
    I don't need the government speaking for me.