Amazon rumored to have sold 240,000 Kindles

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With the Kindle selling out in just a little over 5 hours after the initial release, its been something of a curious mystery as to just how many Amazon had actually sold. Well it seems that even though Amazon has not offered up any hard numbers, the crew over at TechCrunch are claiming that a “source close to Amazon with direct knowledge of the numbers” has given up the details, and that magic number is 240,000.

Still less than a year on the market and roughly about a quarter million sold is certainly is not a bad start, that would place the revenue for the hardware alone at an estimated $100 million, and that is not to include any of the books and other goodies that are available. I was not able to grab a Kindle when they first went on sale, but managed to snag one when the first came back, since then its been a pleasure to use, especially when traveling. I even think that it has encourage me to read a little more often, simply because of the easy access to new books from anywhere I happen to be.

Via [TechCrunch]

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