BlackBerry Kickstart is actually the BlackBerry Pearl 8220?

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BlackBerry Kickstart is actually the BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Well it looks like that Kickstart, you know RIM’s first venture into the clamshell market will not be coming after all. It seems that there is no Kickstart, at least by name that is, the handset is still the real deal, but according to these latest leaked promo images, we have been calling it by an incorrect name.

It turns out that the Kickstart will actually be the BlackBerry Pearl 8220. Strange, although it does make you wonder if the current candybar style of the Pearl will be going away. Personally I think RIM would have had a better intro with a new name, after all it is the first BlackBerry of its flippin kind. On another note, its always interesting to see the internal sales documents, because after all how else would we learn that the primary customers for the Kickstart Pearl 8220 would be “young urbanites,” “multi-tasking women,” and “mobile men,” good stuff.

Lets just hope the early information about the fabled $49.99 price tag holds a little more accurate than the name information.

Via [BlackBerry Cool]

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  • Sam Oakley

    love it! this phone is aimed at teens, students, young professionals, women, men and families. is there anyone who it's not aimed at?

  • Robert Nelson

    It seems like its marketed to everyone indeed. I am no longer a BlackBerry user but am excited about this release, it may be the replacement for my wife's current Pearl if it makes its way to AT&T;at any time.