Asus embraces cloud computing, launches Eee Storage

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Asus launches the in the cloud Eee Storage service

Perhaps not quite content with just slaughtering the Eee name with endless netbook models with almost identical features, Asus has just announced the latest addition to the Eee lineup, the in-the-cloud storage service appropriately named Eee Storage.

The newly launched service offers Eee users 20GB of online storage along with the Eee Download which currently features about 3,000 free software and game titles that users can download. Of course offering more items for download that need to be stored locally sounds a bit confusing for a cloud-based storage service, but I suppose now that all of your personal docs are in-the-cloud you may have a little room for more downloads. The Eee Storage service offers users a drag and drop interface, and can also be set up with a password and shared with friends or colleagues.

Initially the service will be available only to those in the Chinese market, however Asus has plans to eventually roll it out to the entire Eee user base. No mention yet on just how much the Eee Storage service will set you back each month.

Via [DigiTimes]

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