Olympics tech: superlight full suspension bike

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Olympic Scalpel
Today, Cannondale unveiled a “Secret Scalpel” version of their popular light cross country racer for the Olympics. Three riders, Roel Paulissen, Jakob Fuglsang and Kashi Leuchs will be putting the new rig through its paces in ten days in China. The bike features the culmination of black box skunk works from a lot of different companies. The bike weights an impressive 8.8kg or 19.4lbs.

According to Cannondale, that weight was achieved by:
• the Scalpel’s Zero Pivot optimized chainstay
•high modulous carbon layers
• raw carbon finish (no paint) and lightweight personalized national decal kits
• HeadShok Lefty, ride tuned and race optimized by 88+
• Cannondale’s Si SL 2×9 mountain crankset with ceramic bearings
• Vredestein prototype Black Panther tubular tires
• Mavic’s prototype tubular wheelset

The highest-end Scalpel Team weighted in at 22.4lbs and cost a stuffy $6900 retail. 3lbs of weight is impressive and likely a lot of it was taken out of the wheels and tires, making it seem a light lighter (rotating mass). It will be interesting to see what these athletes are able to do aboard this exclusive ride.

Personally, I can vouch for the Scalpel. I owned a team version when the bike was introduced and it was one of the best cross country rigs I’ve ridden. From the single sided Lefty fork up front to the clever bending chainstays, it was an impressive ride.

Read [Cannondale] via [bikeradar]

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