Samsung shows off new green phone

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Samsung E200 Eco

A lot of cell phones are thrown away every year (I know I’ve thrown out a few), and eventually end up in landfills, not decomposing like they should be, due to the plastic they are made of. Well, that’s what’s happening now. Samsung wants to change that, though. Samsung has unveiled the E200 Eco, a more environmentally friendly version of the E200. What makes this one different is that it’s shell is made from bio-plastic which is made from corn.

Having not had a chance to actually see the phone, I can’t comment on it’s how trustworthy the bio-plastic is. All bio-plastic I have encountered has been in cup form and has been very flimsy. It’s nice to see Samsung trying though. Given the nature of cell phones, it’s doubtful many will be as environmentally friendly in the years to come. The easiest option, though, would be to make recycling cell phones much easier for consumers. I doubt everyone who gets a new cell phones thinks about what they do with the old one unless they are handing it down to someone else.

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