Sony accidentally leaks out some new budget-friendly Walkman players

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Sony Walkman NWZ-E430

So, what do we have here? Sony New Zealand has started showing some new models of Walkman players on their site. Word on the street say that these new Walkman players donning the model name NWZ-E430 are entry level Walkmans and appear to be a sequel to Sony’s A600 series. But this time, the NWZ-E430 will sport a 2-inch screen and probably up to 8GB of storage.

Perhaps taking a cue from other media players which make it easy for users to load music files onto their media players from their PCs, the NWZ-E430 fully supports drag-and-drop functionality as well as compatibility with a sync software. In addition, said Walkman would also come with an FM tuner, support various music formats to include AAC, MP3 and WMA. It will also be capable of playing MPEG-4 video. Battery time for this new Walkman doesn’t seem to be at par with other music players though, as it can only max out 45 hours of continuous music playing and 9.5 hours of video playback. That would be enough for 3 to 4 full movie watching experience though.

Since, this is all about unofficial leakage, pricing and release date are still unavailable. But we expect this to retail for no more than $200 though, considering that its “supposed” predecessor, the A600 is currently retailing at $100 in the U.S.

Via [Electronista] Via [Sony Insider]

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