New 120GB Zune clears FCC, no word on launch date

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120GB Zune FCC

Recently, a 120GB Microsoft Zune cleared the FCC, who first began testing the new Zune on June 19th. Unfortunately, for Zune fanatics, the new player by Microsoft doesn’t seem to be too different than the 80GB Zune, which it is speculated to replace.

It is an interesting ploy by making this hard drive 120GB, as their main competitor, Apple, has iPod’s with storage of 80GB and 160GB. In case you want a device with a lot of storage, and for minimal cost, you may want to consider the Zune now. In addition, no information has been announced regarding pricing or availability. However, since the 80GB Zune costs $249, it would make sense that the new 120GB Zune would sell for $299. As for launch date, it could be slated for a Fall launch.

Via [istartedsomething]

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    It's too dear for me…..