Pixlr is a great free online photo editing program

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Pixlr, a program from Sweden that some compare to Photoshop Express, is a web-based photo editing software that really holds it’s weight. When you click on the link, you will immediately be brought to the site and invited to “jump right in” and begin using the software. Flash based, it is actually really rather simple to use for anyone even vaguely familiar with photo editing.

It has some of the same options that you’ve probably seen if you have worked in PE, though I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to put them in the same class. The windows can be moved anywhere in the open space that you like, and you also have the option of moving the toolbars wherever you are comfortable positioning them (same as Photoshop). Speed was decent in my opinion. It took 4 seconds for the program to upload a 1200×800 photo from my computer for me to edit. You obviously don’t have all the editing selections you have in Express, but for someone looking for the basics, and ahem, a free program, this could definitely work just fine. It offers editing options like Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, the obvious ability to crop and layer photos, it even offers what it calls “Old Photo” (which is kind of a cross between sepia and black and white).

When you are finished editing, you simply click on “Save” image, and you are able to save your edited image to your computer. For a free web-based photo-editing program, it isn’t bad.

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  • usman

    i want to try it first

  • KJoyce

    The Pros and Cons of Pixler Photo Editing Site
    *Each criteria is rated out of five stars*

    Pixlr ****
    Pixlr is a smart program with many complex features, yet it remains simple to use. All of your work is in one window, not saved in pieces into many different tabs. Also, every tool is located in a window to the left, which allows for easy access without the complication of having to search the whole program for the tool you need.One of the limitations of this system is that the tools are not as vast as other, larger, programs such as photoshop.

    Pixlr is a free editing software available to everyone. It is an easy alternative to Photoshop as Photoshop is quite expensive.
    Normal editing websites or programs have a long, hard to understand, helping tool, that requires different resources to comprehend the use of the program or website. But with pixlr it has a short fairly simple, organized FAQ section that is easy to understand. Also pixlr has a blog for comments on the website and helping tool, made for feedback on ways to change and help the website become more efficiant. The help site could be more convienent because it makes you open a new tab on your website when i could simply have a little pop up at the bottom of the screen.
    Save and Export Features:
    Pixlr automatically exported your final image to Microsoft Picture Manager; however, you were unable to export the image anywhere else.The site allowed you to save the image a JPEG, PNG, BMP, or PXD. This was helpful in the export process. Also, the image was saved in the download folder located deep within files and was difficult to find. It did not allow you to change where the file was sent which was challenging and confusing. However, it did allow renaming of the file which helped in the finding of the file in the download folder. Overall the save and export features were helpful but could be improved; therefore, it receives:

    Pixlr has a wide variety of editing features available. It combines image design and paint tools with photo editing and adjustment features. Pixlr includes basic layer canvas tools, crop features, rotating, removing, and super-imposing tools. All of these photos are needed for true image editing.